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The Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ or the Passionists is an international Catholic Congregation of religious Brothers and Priests. Our charism is to keep alive the memory of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus in our hearts.

Feb 16

Death Notice of Fr. Renato P. Ventajar, CP

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Passionists of the Philippines

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St. Paul of the Cross

Saint Paul of the Cross gathered companions to live together and to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to all.

The first name he gave his community was “The Poor of Jesus”. This was to indicate that their lives were to be based on evangelical poverty, which he held to be so necessary if they, were to observe the other evangelical counsels, to persevere in prayer, and to preach the Word of the Cross in season and out of season.

Moreover, he wanted them to live their lives like apostles. They were to foster and develop deep spirit of prayer, penance, and solitude and witness to His love.

Keenly aware of the evils that afflicted the people of his time, he never tired of insisting that the most effective remedy is the Passion of Jesus, “the greatest and most overwhelming work of God’s love”.

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The Passionist Philanthropic Development Office envisions a dedicated journey of people and organizations keeping alive the passion of Christ by being an instrument of God’s community.

However, there are challenges in illiteracy, injustice, spiritual hunger, destruction of the environment and creation. Thus, we provide evangelization, catechism, education and scholarship, livelihood, programs, culture, and environmental preservation, pastoral care, infrastructure, and community development. With strong determination, we commit to uphold the passion of Christ in the hearts of the people and the needy.