New Formation Team Ready for the Theologate Formation Year 2023-2024

The Theologate Formation Year 2023-2024 has commenced with much enthusiasm and hope as new members join the journey of faith and knowledge. This vibrant community is poised to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The newly appointed Formation Team is guided on this transformative journey, led by Fr. Rogie V. Castellano CP, who now serves as the Superior and Rector of theologate house. Dedicated formators assist him, including Fr. Andrew Gumboc CP, the new Vocation Director, and Fr. Alexander Arellano CP, who serves as the local Econome. With this strong team in place, the theologate is set to nurture its members’ faith and academic development, fostering a sense of purpose and devotion within the community.

The SPC Theologate Community with the New Formation Team (FY 2023-2024)
sourced from Fr. Rogie CP ‘s Facebook.

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