Theologate Community Celebrates Acquaintance Fellowship

The Theologate Community kicked off the academic year with a spirited Bolinao and Alaminos Acquaintance Celebration from August 19 to 21, 2023. This weekend of fellowship, laughter, and shared experiences created lasting bonds among its members, setting the tone for a year filled with unity, growth, and collective purpose.

Passionist Theologate Community Bolinao and Alaminos Acquaintance Celebration.
Sourced from Fr. Rogie CP’s Facebook.

Here is the poem written by Bro. Joey, CP during their visit to the Bolinao Church. Photo sourced from Bro. Joey’s Facebook

“Lumang Simbahan ng Bolinao”

Neath Bolinao’s skies, a Lumang Simbahan stands,

Where Bolinao’s people, with outstretched hands,

Claim and believe, a tale they uphold,

First mass was held here, in stories of old.

Whispers of sea breeze, through time’s gentle sway,

Carry their faith like waves, day by day.

In the heart of this church, where echoes reside,

Bolinao’s belief in history abides.

Through the years that pass, the legend holds tight,

Bolinao’s first mass, a beacon of light.

Lumang Simbahan ng Bolinao, a sanctuary so bold,

Where history and faith intertwine, as time unfolds.

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